FASB - Southern Bahia People Nature Fund

a land restoration movement based on the mobilisation of local communities

FASB Profile

The Southern Bahia People Fund (FASB) is a joint initiative of Forum Florestal da Bahia, NGPTA and Kirkbi. Established in 2020, the Fund promotes local actions focused on sustainable development such as facilitating agroforestry farming systems and restoration of the Atlantic Forest. The overall goal of FASB is to build climate-resilient and adaptive ecosystems and communities with people as a central element. 
The Fund operates in the South and Extreme South of Bahia, in an area where 23 municipalities are located, and where 1.1 million people live. This region stands out for economic activities such as cocoa, eucalyptus, and coffee growing, as well as agriculture and entertainment, cultural and ecological tourism. 
Through partnerships with local, indigenoustraditional communities and institutions, FASB offers a new model for forest landscape restoration, shifting away from business-as-usual top-down to growing land restoration stewards from the ground-up. The implementation of FASB is facilitated by Forum Florestal da Bahia as the multi-stakeholder platform, NGPTA providing the technical support to the development and implementation processes and the Danish investor, KIRKBI, providing financial resources. 

Aim of FASB